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OrangeJuiceBlog - Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge with Occupy Wall Street
By Amber – October 11, 2011
Posted in: "The OC", Capitalism, economy, freedom, Fresh Juice, Progressive talk, USA, Wall Street, Wall Street Protests 2011

Haha, no worries…I was gonna get on here and say “Sorry boys for not keeping up with the comments, I was too busy pulling my own weight as part of the 99%”

and thanks for the compliment on my tumblr! It’s a very important time so I thought I’d get more personal on the matter – regardless of what anyone says, Occupy Wall Street has already made an impact in the American political sphere. See

Editorial response
"regardless of what anyone says, Occupy Wall Street has already made an impact in the American political sphere"......... Hmmmm

Interesting observation Amber.

So according to you, the American politic require marching people on the street rather than their true representatives in the congers?

Couldn't they simply call their representatives?

I wonder for whom these marching moron mongoloids voted?

It seems to me that if they would not vote for the left liberals who are dominating the Washington for decades they wouldn't have to be on the bridge.

Soon they will be sleeping under the bridge after they reelect Negro Obama and pro Castro sympathizer Brown.

And then what?..... lock themselves in the restroom, turn on the sigh "occupied" and make a shit?
censor Juice
Juice - Amber Stephens 13:32:56 10-11-11

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