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We collect spoiled, rotted and corrupt oranges to squeeze juice about Art Pedroza, Dan Chmielewski, Thomas Gordon, Gustavo Arellano, Sean Mill, Larry Gilbert, Vern Nelson, Greg Diamond and Norberto Santana, Jr.
OrangeJuiceBlog - Gustavo Arellano's fetish - child raping by priest - is it normal?
The wannabe Journalist Gustavo Arellano is the creator and writer of the moronic Ask a Mexican! 

He is allegedly column---winner of the 2006 Association of "Alternative Newsweeklies Award" for Best Column in a Large-Circulation Weekly---for the OC Weekly in Orange County, California. 

Please notice that the "Alternative Newsweeklies Award" was created for gravely challenged artists like Gustavo Arellano.

He is also a contributing editor to the Los Angeles Times.... yes folks he is socialist! 

He has appeared on Today, Nightline, NPR's On the Media, and The Colbert Report.

To my knowledge they never invited him back because of his stupid Mexican shtick and white people bashing.... yes he is a white people hater.

He hates American constitution and the first amendment but refusing to go back to his beloved Mexico.

However folks, he has obsessive fetish about the catholic priests raping children. The majority of his articles are about the sex deviation.... why?

Obviously he must somehow enjoy it beyond the normal.


censor Juice
Juice - Editor 12:10:27 04-08-09
Response to Shape Shifter Judge Jim Gray's article.
Judge JG stated: "Last week we discussed the importance of returning to American values. This is truly important because, in many ways, our great country is now at a crossroads."


I would like to respectfully disagree with you judge that our country is grate [as in having significance, value, or consequence; important] -- it is not!

The USA is simply a big bully which torture, pillage and rapes its neighbors to sustain its wealth. Like any bully USA got punch in the nose and now is crying.

The war on drugs and sex is only a tool for the USA inquisitors to perpetrate their crimes on its populates and of which you are a member as judge, jury and executor.

We have VP Chaney and former Attorney General Gonzales indicted of multiple crimes. You judge have been aiding and abetting to these criminals at OC Court.

You have participated and sentenced hundreds of innocent prisoners of both wars, drug/sex respectively, to harsh jail and capital punishments.

You have blood on your hands Judge Jim Gray.

You have failed as human being to protect life, liberty and pursuit of happiness same as you are not protecting first amendment at your blog.

I would never served my country once I would learn that my country is essentially a terrorist state.

In 1968, as a military officer, I have deserted from the old communist Czechoslovakia because I would not serve that regime!... only to find myself in a progressive tyranny perpetuated by American Feminized Socialists.

Unfortunately no one can defeat this tyranny. Only a forces of nature -- crises, famine and epidemics can reform this country.

We are not at cross roads judge, but at fork to ‘road to hell’ as my Czech countryman and EU current president Mirek Topolanek stated.

Also posted at Orange Juice because you have grave dislike for the first amendment.

full Juice
Juice - Stanley Fiala 11:56:32 04-03-09

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