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OrangeJuiceBlog - WTF?
SANLEY FIALA: Judge, this may be another post which you will probably reject because you are judicial fascist impersonating a Libertarian activist.
SANLEY FIALA: In addition you have no clue how to interpret the fist amendment's role in the blog sphere.... You simply have no intellectual capacity to do so.

JUDGE JIM GRAY: You post this crap and don't have any basis to go on.  As far as I am concerned you need a hobby and get a life.  Fishing is a good start!

STANLEY FIALA: In your article you have failed to address a role of the unions, socialists, Bolsheviks and lumpen proletariat in a relationship to the deep shit in which we are currently existing....... Why?? 

STANLEY FIALA: So far, I have learn the fishing, kooking and meaningless traveling from your drivel.

STANLEY FIALA: Where is your stimulus??

Editorial comment:
I have posted the above response at Judge Grays Blog

Folks, please notice that feminized Judge Gray has no testosterone to post my comment at his JudicialFascisticBlog and respond to my alleged crap in his blog.
In addition this feminized Judge Gray has to use acronym "WTF" to express "What the fuck?"

This pussy judge is now retired from the court and is aspiring politician who wants to be your leader.

Caveat: Be aware when you ask for retired Judge in your Orange County Small Claims action.... It may be feminized Judge Gray.
Originally posted here by Judge gray.

censor Juice
Juice - Interesting. 02:16:24 03-12-09

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