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We collect spoiled, rotted and corrupt oranges to squeeze juice about Art Pedroza, Dan Chmielewski, Thomas Gordon, Gustavo Arellano, Sean Mill, Larry Gilbert, Vern Nelson, Greg Diamond and Norberto Santana, Jr.
OrangeJuiceBlog - “They Killed Him.” New Video Shows Aftermath of Fullerton Police Beating
Posted August 2, 2011 at 9:06 PM in "The OC", Fresh Juice, fullerton

Vern Nelson stated:
“Negro” is not hateful and offensive like “nigger.” It’s just goofy and archaic. Nobody says it any more, since around the 60′s. But knock yourself out, comrade Stan.

Editorial response
"But knock yourself out, comrade Stan."........ Hmmm

Are you threatening me Vern Nelson?

Are you saying that I can't be goofy and archaic Vern Nelson?

If no one uses word Negro, it is because of linguistic terrorists like you Vern Nelson and that idiot WOW.

Not speaking about your blog Vern Nelson, you communists are making constitution obsolete Vern Nelson.

May be you are right Vern Nelson!

So I will step up my parody efforts Vern Nelson because it does work on searches same as if I am posting here and because my speech is monitored by the government anyway.

However, your blog Vern Nelson never become popular as is FFFF because you are an idiot Vern Nelson who can't form any coalition. No one trust you Vern Nelson.

You are Vern Nelson alone arguing with 10 anonymous idiots as in nuthouse. 

Same like Pedroza you are Vern Nelson essentially finished.

You can keep censoring if it make you feel orgasmic Vern Nelson.

censor Juice
Juice - Vern Nelson (socialist) 04:04:36 07-30-11
Newport Beach…..just the 29th “worst-dressed city” in America!
Newport Beach…..just the 29th “worst-dressed city” in America!

By Ron & Anna Winship
– July 15, 2011Posted in: "The OC", Fresh Juice, newport beach

The mirror of

Intellectual Winships stated: ” We are conservative Republicans for Obama!”

Editorial response
Classical oxymoron!

Believe or not there were Jews for Hitler as well Cheyenne for Custer.

Such sympathizers are usually called traitor and collaborant.

Why not Jesus Freaks for Satan?...... Huh?

Somehow you must overcome your delirium tremens...... good luck Winships!
full Juice
Juice - Ron & Anna Winship 19:45:35 07-15-11

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